Jane and Hal's Trip to France
Summer 2005
These web pages are primarily for the benefit of Hal and Jane. They contain more details and more photos than anyone else would likely care to look at. You have been warned.

Monday, July 25 - Arrive at JFK early for our flight to Nice... very long lines checking in, but then a wait in the lounge before boarding. We then sat on the runway for a long time before takeoff. Flight was pleasant, the plane was half empty and everyone was encouraged to spread out. Even the food was decent. Arrived a few minutes late. We were thankful that we were able to change flights and got a direct flight to Nice rather than having to spend much of the day at Malpensa (Milan). Ugh.

Click on the links below for each segment of the trip.  
Nice - July 26-July 29  
Aix-en-Provence - July 29 - August 2  
La Fargo - August 2 - August 4  
Route des Grandes Alpes - August 4 - August 6  
Chamonix - August 6 - August 9  
Geneva - August 9-10  
Some General Observations

Dogs - It seems like everyone in France has a dog. The hotels all have special dog rates. They are everywhere - including restaurants, cafes, museums, you name it. The only place we found dogs not welcome was on the cable car at Mount Blanc.

RV's - Seems that half of France was headed to the South or the Alps in RV's. They seem mostly smaller than what you find in the USA, but far more plentiful.



Families - The French travel as a family. Nearly everyone of the appropriate age (and some not so appropriate) had a kid or more with them and often grandmere and of course the family dog. This is a country with REAL family values.

Americans - We didn't run into many on the entire trip. Some Brits, but few Americans anywhere. We never had a problem and were treated well by everyone we met.