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How We Work

The mission of Alan Krinsky Associates is to facilitate optimal relationships between agencies and advertisers by properly aligning capabilities, goals, and expectations. We do this by assuring that all stakeholders are given opportunity to share their ideas in both formal and informal venues. We practice positive-sum negotiating that bridges interests and yields greater results than zero-sum efforts. The measure of our success is the degree to which we exceed expectations from all parties. We do this by providing hands-on assistance in the following areas:
  • Making the best matches between advertisers and agencies
  • Facilitating win-win contractual agreements
  • Teaching critical actions, skills and knowledge required to make agencies more effective marketing partners with their clients
  • Providing just-in-time services to address critical needs. These include dealing with procurement, subject-matter expertise for new business, media audits, improving responses to RFP questionnaires, and preparation and rehearsing the pitch

AKA differs from other consultants by focusing on practical solutions that can be implemented immediately. These provide tangible and measurable results. Our approach is to provide custom solutions to fit each situation. We do not believe in cookie cutter, black box or magic pill solutions. These services provide the foundation on which to build relationships and enhance profitability.

Agency Services: Think Like A Client (TLC)

The overall goal of TLC is to raise the switching costs for a client. By gaining a fuller understanding of a client's thinking/needs and providing quality solutions for those needs, we raise your value and reduce your price as a factor in the relationship. TLC is best realized by execution of a holistic marketing plan that speaks to client channel partners and end-users in a single compelling voice. The result is a more efficient, on-target effort and a stronger, deeper relationship with the client that can only lead to cross-selling and up-selling.

Advertiser Services: Making Advertising Profitable (MAP)

AKA works with clients to help them get the most for their advertising investment. We provide all the services necessary to assure proper delivery, including agency selection and management. AKA also goes several steps further into the process including how to:

  - Bring procurement into the process in a way that agencies   will embrace
  - Set up performance-based incentives to insure unbiased evaluation
  - Provide media audits and verification systems as well as performance evaluations of all   deliverables
  - Train advertising and marketing staff to get the best work   from their agencies

This array represents ongoing integrated programs which deliver shared goals for both advertising agencies and advertisers.

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