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"The last 2 reviews we’ve been in with you have been very professional and fair. In fact, the level of professionalism, thoughtfulness, fairness and objectivity was greater than most we’ve been in over the last couple of years. Healthy, sustainable client/agency relationships where good thinking and great ideas flourish is what this business is all about, and your approach, model and overall due diligence creates an environment where agencies and prospects can really get a feel for one anothers’ capability, culture and compatibility. That combination leads to mutually benefiting, exciting, long term partnerships."
Peter McGuinness
Chairman and CEO
Gotham Inc.

"The relationship could not have survived the negotiation process without your involvement and counsel."
Alan Cohen
EVP Marketing
ABC Network Television

"Bonnie is the consummate media professional - her expertise goes way beyond numbers - she delivers big media ideas to drive the success of brands."
Howard Courtemanche, CEO
JWT Health

"An impartial, yet highly experienced, third party independent opinion we added to the decision team. We selected the right agency for the right reasons, and avoided the 'beauty contest' trap that is so easy to fall into."
Len Tacconi
EVP Executive Director Consumer Marketing

"Bonnie is a great strategic thinker and always challenged us to look at other innovative ways to connect with our consumers."
Kaki Hinton
Vice President, Advertising Services

"We all felt you did an outstanding job of laying out clear guidelines, presenting us with an understandable brief, fully opening all lines of communications between the client, the agency and yourselves…"
Robert Rosenthal
EVP Business Development

"With Alan Krinsky, I was able to quickly and efficiently find the right advertising agency for my business. He guided us through the search, evaluation and contract negotiation process so my marketing team could concentrate on driving the business."
Mick Tyler
V.P. Marketing & Business Development
Oberto Sausage Company

"Kudos for being able to keep our high energy reps interested and involved for the whole day. Across the board, they said the program was relevant, extremely practical and fun."
EVP Sales

"Alan Krinsky knows how agencies screw up in reviews, because he's run and seen a lot of them. His short courses on the credentials meeting and the final presentation are densely packed with useful ideas drawn from his long experience. They have made us more successful and have paid for themselves many times over in new agency reviews.
Mark DiMassimo
Principal - DiMassimo Brand Advertising

"I learned more from you [Anne Miller] (about communications) in one hour than I have in the last fifteen years."

Managing Director
Salomon Smith Barney

"No one is successful without good people. And no one is good without good training. So, thank you [Anne Miller] for your help along the way."
Fairchild Publications
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