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Agency Search

A unique process incorporating Procurement deliverables.

Alan Krinsky has 20 years of experience managing agency reviews for a broad range of Fortune 500 marketers as well as small entrepreneurial concerns. Alan Krinsky Associates has a successful track record in helping to build strong, lasting relationships between advertisers and their agencies.

AKA's goal is to help you find the most suitable agency partner with the specified capabilities as well as reflecting your company's culture. We facilitate a highly collaborative search process which maintains best practices in evaluating agencies on their merits.

Our review process is unique among search consultants in that we have client-side procurement expertise. When required, we incorporate procurement's disciplines throughout our process.

An agency's culture must be compatible with the advertiser seeking a new partner. To achieve this match, we use a knowledge base rather than a database to screen agency credentials. We have found that there is too much movement of agency personnel to rely only on a standardized template. We are always in the marketplace, meeting with agency personnel, touring their space, evaluating capabilities and understanding an agency's culture.

While a key deliverable is to manage your time, we encourage an open dialogue between client and competing agencies. Throughout our process, we strive to replicate the “real world” interactive working relationship between client and agency. Our review process is well defined yet provides flexibility in dealing with a wide variety of situations.

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