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TLC = Think Like a Client
We deliver a range of services to the advertising agency community. These offerings fall under our "Think Like A Client" (TLC) philosophy. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs through counseling and mentoring. Our model addresses the following critical client and agency needs:
- A collaborative agency search process
  - Understanding the client's business and expectations
- Alignment of client and agency goals
- Improvement of client retention and profitability
- Increase in new business wins
- Development of systems to improve communication by using original approaches to   enhance presentation and sales skills.
The overall goal of TLC is to raise the switching cost for a client. By gaining a fuller understanding of client thinking/needs and providing quality solutions for those needs, we raise your value and reduce price as a factor in the relationship. TLC is best realized by an agency through collaboration of its various assets to help develop and execute a holistic marketing plan that speaks to client channel partners and end users in a single compelling voice.

Chain-Reaction Collaboration
CRC is an Alan Krinsky Associates proprietary methodology that gets agencies in the same corporate family to work together to solve common problems. Topics we frequently address are how to differentiate one agency from another, the pros and cons of opening branch offices, and how to go about competing in a new category.

Building Category Intelligence
When pitching a new business, agencies, in addition to gathering intelligence, must understand the subtle nuances that drive the selection process. AKA can provide category expertise in CPG, HBC, financial services, apparel, retailing, Internet and DTC/Rx.

Presentation Rehearsal
AKA provides an independent critique of your new business presentation. Our participation in numerous new business pitches provides us with the insights to identify what is working correctly, what techniques can be employed to engage your audience and how to use the meeting format to differentiate your agency from the competition.

Whether an element of an agency review or a separate contract renegotiation, an equitable compensation arrangement is critical to a long-lasting client/agency relationship. AKA has the expertise to develop and negotiate equitable agency contracts using our benchmarks covering a wide range of categories. We constantly review industry trends in order to be on the cutting edge of new remuneration methodologies. With procurement playing a larger role in contract development, we offer client-side experience with procurement departments. This provides us with a better understanding of current ground rules. Our compensation experience covers general, direct, interactive and media contract development and negotiation.

Our years of in market experience on issues confronting agencies, allow us to offer open-ended brainstorming sessions. Sessions are prepared to specifically meet your needs. Examples include how to differentiate one agency from another, the pros and cons of opening a branch office, how to t compete in a new category. AKA has considerable experience in working with pharmaceutical companies in their search for non-professional agencies to develop consumer communication.

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