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Presenting Creative with Confidence & Success
Clients tell us that often their most brilliant creative individuals do not easily communicate their ideas in high stakes group situations. To meet this need, we introduced our new seminar, “Presenting Creative with Confidence & Success,” which is always tailored to individual agency needs. We believe this workshop, described below, is unique in the industry and will significantly contribute to the growth of your business.

Presenting creative is possibly the most challenging kind of presentation because it is ultimately subjective and intangible. Hours spent in strategic thinking and creative execution culminates in that all-important client meeting. Will they approve it? In this session, participants will learn how to: Command the room from the beginning, Get everyone on board, eager to see your work, Present your work in a compelling, confident, and persuasive manner, Manage difficult questions and objections to your advantage, Win acceptance for their ideas.

- Increased comfort, credibility, and confidence
- More professional, persuasive presentations
- Increased business for your agency

Our strategic partner, Anne Miller, one of the best-known authorities on sales and presentation skills, spearheads the session.

Responding to a RFP: "How To Make A RFP Sing"
An interactive seminar covering the key issues on how to approach the entire RFP process, what to look out for, a review of recurring questions, tips to achieving a competitive advantage, and a self-evaluation of areas of improvement with appropriate solutions.

The Final Presentation: "Last Chance To Win The Race"
Reviews on all the components for presenting a new business pitch. Includes: homework, rehearsal, client expectations, casting, differentiation, engaging the client, meeting format, and follow up.

Compensation: "A Means To Enhanced Client Retention"
A comprehensive half-day session suitable for mid-level to senior management. It provides a historical perspective on the evolution of today's methodologies, the constructs of a compensation model, an understanding of bonus components when, and when not, to incorporate an incentive bonus and how to approach the process with a new client or renegotiating a client's current contract of services.

Making Procurement A Win Win To Greater Profitability
Today, agencies are increasingly confronted by client procurement officers (purchasing agents) who have been empowered to take over the leadership in setting cost benchmarks for use with vendors. Primarily used to dealing with tangibles, procurement managers are less familiar with intangible agency deliverables. This situation, is becoming more widespread and impacts the agency's negotiating leverage.

This seminar provides knowledge of what purchasing agents look for and how they interface with the client marketing staff. This provides the framework to develop cost proposals that will be equitable to the agency. There is no magic pill at this time. However, the knowledge you gain will help you take the needed first steps in dealing with this trend. It is not going away.

Your Pitching Style: "Power or Pitfall?"
People like to do business with people they like. Learn how to respond appropriately to client's verbal, visual and body cues so that your presentation is as professionally persuasive and personally compelling as possible. The Styles theory you will learn in this program will give you an extra edge in shaping your story, fielding questions, and strengthening client relationships to help you advance your ideas and win business.

Moving the Needle: Polishing Presentation Skills
Building presentation skills requires specific expertise. Regardless of how competent executives are, they need to be equally strong in the ability to communicate their messages. Without a persuasive presentation, the best ideas can often fail in the embryonic stage. This program will provide tips, techniques, and strategies for increasing confidence and competence before groups in high stakes presentations.

Wow an Audience: Public Speaking
An invitation to speak in a public forum can be a golden marketing opportunity for an agency. Learn how to turn an audience of passive listeners into a group of prospects eager to follow up with you after your talk. This is a critical element to a successful new business presentation.

Grace Under Pressure: Presenting Creative Effectively
Creativity is at the heart of a good campaign. At the same time, presenting creative work presents a real challenge for many creative people. They may be more comfortable in the creative process than in presenting the results. They may find it difficult to respond calmly and gracefully to a client's questions and objections. They may be more enthusiastic for the story behind their creative than they are skilled at the logic of presenting the material. Finally, they may need some polish on their delivery skills. This program is designed to assist creative people in getting their ideas across with levels of confidence and professionalism that match the passion they have for their work.

Consultative Selling
Call it probing. Call it discovery. Call it consultative selling. There is a critical difference between questioning for information and a questioning strategy that builds trust and earns you the right to a prospect's business. Learn the difference between the two so that ultimately you are in the most advantageous position to pitch the ideal solution to your client.

RFID: The Future is Now!
The most important marketing tool since the advent of the bar codes and POS scanning is about to change everything. Wal-Mart, the Department of Defense and Homeland Security are forcing manufacturers into compliance with RFID by the end of 2004. Microchips with miniature antennas will replace or supplement barcodes starting on shipping containers and eventually moving to tagging at the item level with electronic product code (ePC). A management briefing covering the technology, the benefits, major issues and implications for marketers and advertising agencies.

Marketing Implications for the Explosive Growth of Debit and Stored-Value Cards
VISA is now processing more debit transactions than credit transactions! Last holiday season nearly 1 in 3 gifts were in the form of stored-value debit and gift cards. Next year, nearly$75 billion in payments will be tendered. Who are the prime targets? This program will examine how agencies can leverage these trends to help their clients ride this wave to new revenues.

Keeping on Top of Your Reading Pile
A course designed to help you get through all your reading in less than one-third the time with better comprehension and recall. Essential for any executive in an information-based business such as advertising and marketing. Keep ahead of your client's knowledge base by reading all trade press, business publications and scholarly journals. Take a pre and post test to measure your gain plus a 3-month retest to demonstrate lasting change.

Writing Recommendations that Get Action
Teaches how to write a well-organized and properly documented recommendation. Improve style and eliminate the most grammatical errors that devalue your proposals. Included in the program is ongoing coaching as required to provide continuous improvement.

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