First Birthday
(actually a few days after, on Sunday February 11, 2007)
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Eliza (37kb) Eliza (37kb) Eliza (31kb) Eliza (36kb) Eliza (31kb)
Eliza (21kb) Eliza with some ribbons (52kb) Eliza with granny jane (39kb) Eliza with granny Jane in the background (40kb) more Eliza (36kb)
Joon and Keon with Bob Lemieux (49kb) Keon (25kb) The party scene (42kb) and on the ground with Keon and Eliza (68kb) Grandpa Mark (20kb)
Monica, Jane and Anna (56kb) Eliza and Keon (71kb) Mom and Eliza with Grandma Jane and Grandma Valerie on the couch (64kb) Grandma Jane with pianist Keon (52kb) a happy scene (54kb)
Grandma Valerie (21kb) Shannon talking to Ilyan and Joon (30kb) Party on (63kb) Bob and Eliza constructing - he is a civil engineer afterall (41kb) Grandpa Mark with Anna (17kb)
Playtime (72kb) you have the wrong song sheet - I want Mozart's Jupiter Symphony (54kb) Keon and Eliza talking it all in (50kb) Ilyan and Keon  (35kb) Anna and Eliza (42kb)
more Anna and Eliza (46kb) and more Eliza getting into the cake (39kb) Bob, Monica and Alan watching Eliza sample some cake (59kb) Hey mom - this cake is soooooo good. (56kb) Thanks mom - I had trouble blowing them out myself (52kb)
Jane Joon and Keon (45kb) Eliza having some cake (36kb) who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? (35kb) ummmmmm good. (32kb) I just can't get enough of this stuff.... (39kb)
I like cake - the heck with baby food - cake from now on (32kb) Monica, Bob, Allan and Ilyan and Shannon with Keon on the piano (56kb) What is this stuff - how come I don't get some champagne - it is my party isn't it? (38kb) Eliza (33kb) Eliza (33kb)
Eliza (34kb) Alan Joon and Ilyan with Keon busy busy busy (45kb) Hey - a new toy - cool  (42kb) More new toys - fanstatic (43kb) More stuff - this birthday gig is so cooooool (35kb)
Keon up the ladder - he just loves to climb (45kb)