Behind The Scenes
at the PhotoShoot at Newsweek, October 12, 2006

Note: these photos were taken with a cell phone camera without any flash.
Click any photo to see it enlarged or click here for a slideshow.

10-12-06_1730.jpg (23kb) 10-12-06_1734.jpg (26kb) 10-12-06_1735.jpg (12kb) 10-12-06_1736.jpg (31kb) 10-12-06_1737.jpg (14kb)
10-12-06_1738.jpg (21kb) 10-12-06_1739.jpg (14kb) 10-12-06_1740.jpg (20kb) 10-12-06_1741.jpg (18kb) 10-12-06_1742.jpg (12kb)
10-12-06_1743.jpg (15kb) 10-12-06_1744.jpg (25kb) 10-12-06_1745.jpg (15kb) 10-12-06_1746.jpg (16kb) 10-12-06_1747.jpg (11kb)
10-12-06_1748.jpg (15kb) 10-12-06_1749.jpg (16kb) 10-12-06_1750.jpg (12kb) 10-12-06_1751.jpg (18kb) 10-12-06_1752.jpg (40kb)
10-12-06_1753.jpg (29kb) 10-12-06_1754.jpg (37kb) 10-12-06_1755.jpg (11kb) 10-12-06_1756.jpg (10kb) 10-12-06_1757.jpg (11kb)
10-12-06_1758.jpg (10kb) 10-12-06_1759.jpg (12kb) 10-12-06_1800.jpg (15kb) 10-12-06_1801.jpg (23kb) 10-12-06_1802.jpg (22kb)
10-12-06_1803.jpg (33kb) 10-12-06_1804.jpg (24kb) 10-12-06_1805.jpg (18kb) 10-12-06_1806.jpg (20kb) 10-12-06_1807.jpg (16kb)
10-12-06_1808.jpg (18kb) 10-12-06_1809.jpg (18kb) 10-12-06_1810.jpg (17kb)