Eliza 3 months
Born 4:48PM EDT February 7, 2006
New York City
to Parents
Anna Kuchment and Mark Lamster

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Month 3

A quick nap in my stroller (100kb) Ok, change my diaper already.... (85kb) Boy it takes you forever.... (69kb) and ever (77kb) Hi there (62kb)
Aren't I cute (68kb) Whats up doc? (55kb) With Grandma Valerie (69kb) With mom - who is that standing over me? (73kb) Eliza with mom and grandma Jane and Valerie (77kb)
Eliza with Mom, Grandma Valerie and Granddad Mark (79kb) 100_0834.gif (85kb) Whose tickling my feet? (79kb) Mom's lap is so comfy (74kb) Hey, button me up.  My diaper is showing (74kb)
Am just so cute (72kb) A pacifier and my stroller - what could be better? (102kb) Grandpa Hal teaching me to surf the internet (102kb) Ok, lets see what we can find on babies.com (111kb) What a ball in grandpa's office (88kb)
What fun (96kb) Ah, resting a bit before dinner (93kb) I'm strapped in, take off! (87kb) Hi (87kb) 100_0852.gif (76kb)
We just can't stop looking at each other! (127kb) 141147616_0cedacadd6_o.gif (186kb) Am I cute or what? (157kb) 141147657_611e41fd99_o.gif (174kb) 141147678_15964990dc_o.gif (158kb)
Ok, I got my bib on - where's dinner (172kb) Still nothing to eat.... service here is so slow. (154kb) I am really hungry now. (144kb) Finally Allegra's feeding me! (150kb) Dad's reading me this fabulous book.  And he didn't even write it! (145kb)
Hi mom. (169kb) Grandma Valerie and Eliza (141kb) Grandma Jane and Eliza (190kb)